The “Marais de Montecourt" cottage is in the heart of a great natural area.

With the Remembrance trail just a short drive away

the whole area is steeped in history with plenty for the holidaymakers to do.


In the garden, by the river or in the river, you are on the lookout.

Omignon is a very clear river only flowed by underground springs. 

Every one agrees to say that it's so nice to listen to the river murmur.

It's relaxing.

But a nice old bike is worth a detour.

Bikers are welcome even those with two-strokes.

Even if some of our guests are from far away  they sometimes come from the sky.

Parachutists, feet on the ground, head in the clouds find pleasant and very convenient a stay at the “Marais“, 5 minutes drive from the Peronne airfield.




In Somme millions of men had an appointment with History.

At the cottage you’ll be close to the Remembrance trail.

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